Led Zeppelin released their 7th album 'Presence' in the spring of 1976 at the height of their popularity, soon to be trampled by critics and fans alike, leaving it to be the poorest seller in the bands catalog.  Robert Plant even admitted later he hates his vocal performance on it, being in a wheelchair during it's recording due to an auto accident, feeling frustrated physically.  Page added insult to injury when he later stated, "It's a hard album for most to listen to."  Well, it's not my favorite by the boys but I don't think it's all that bad.  We radio guys latched on to just one sole tune that sounded like it could've been on 'Physical Graffiti', only a year old at the time, and hammered it home.  You'll certainly remember 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' on today's Vinyl Vault.  Out of town?  Listen live on-line.

Plant and Pagey during the 1977 world tour: