I know, I know.  Most casual rock fans would ask Wishbone who?  But serious classic rock fans would remember Wishbone Ash and all those wonderful lead guitar laiden albums they made during the 1970's and 1980's.  As a matter of fact, I saw them just last year down near Detroit where they packed the place.  Wishbone fans are still there!  If you're one, you'll want to know that as of today, "Live Dates II" is now on CD and should no longer be the rarity it was on vinyl.  Here is an editorial review with more information from Amazon:

When a band has not one, not two, but three releases entitled Live Dates, it's a pretty good bet that the band in question is pretty good in concert. And in the case of Wishbone Ash, that's an understatement; various line-ups of the group have been rocking the globe with their patented brand of twin-guitar hard/progressive rock for 40 years now. Though Live Dates (1973) charted, and Live Dates III (2001) is well thought-of by their fanbase, it s Live Dates II (released in 1980 and assembled from various 1976-1980 shows) that's considered the real gem of the three; it's a much better quality live recording than its predecessor, and it ranks as probably the key document of the Wishbone Ash Mk. II line-up of guitarists Andy Powell (he of the Flying V) and Laurie Wisefield, bassist Martin Turner and drummer Steve Upton. This album never came out in the U.S.; what's more, only the first 25,000 copies released in Britain included an extra bonus LP, the contents of which we've included on this 79-minute CD (Live Dates II was only briefly available on CD before in a Japanese limited edition that came out last year and is already fetching triple figures online). A wish (sorry) come true for Ash fans and for '70s rock guitar fans, too check out "F.U.B.B." and "The Way of the World" for some serious axe-slaying.