In Fort Worth, Texas the only ticket you get when you try to spend tweny fake dollars at the movie theater is a ticket to the slammer. That’s what Charles Cleveland Nowden found out last week.

Back in 2009, Nowden attempted to purchase two hot dogs, two colas and a tub of popcorn with a counterfeit $20 bill at a movie theater. His little trick didn’t get him far and when he was arrested, police found an additional $120 in counterfeit bills inside his hot dog wrapper. Last Friday, a judge in Tarrant County sentenced him to 80 years in prison after a jury took only three hours to find him guilty of the charges.

This may seem like a tough sentence for some delicious, albeit unhealthy, snack foods. But not for Nowden, who has a long list of other criminal activities on his record. He was arrested in 2008 in possession of stolen all-terrain vehicles, in 2010 he was linked to a stolen 18-wheeler truck, he was caught stealing lawn mowers from a farm equipment lot in 2011, and at the time of his trial, Nowden had three other pending theft charges in two counties.

We almost feel bad that a guy with such a notorious past could be brought down by tasty movie theater munchies, but not that bad. The real shame is that he missed the matinee showing of ‘Jennifer’s Body’ that day. Maybe they have the DVD in prison. Nah, that would be considered torture.