Peter Drakos

They say that everyone has a God given talent. Peter Drakos discovered his at a carnival when he was nine years old, and it made him a carny's worst nightmare.

Mr. Drakos won 200 animals at his first carnival at the age of nine, enough to give one to every kid in his school.  Today, at the age of 64, he is a car salesman in the city of Detroit, but his winning streak continues. Peter Magic, as he likes to be called, has averaged 5,500 critters a year from carnivals, fairs and amusements parks across the country.

What does he do with these toys? "I give them away - everyone of them." Drakos says. He estimates that he has donated close to a quarter of a million stuffed animals to 50 different charities over the years. "Sometimes it brings tears to your eyes because you know that they're really happy."

Watch Peter Magic's incredible story below.



How is your luck at carnival games? I think that they're rigged! What about you?