Mick Jagger might be a stone's throw away from 70, but he's not interested in looking his age. The Rolling Stones frontman tells the UK's "Daily Mail" he works hard at keeping fit and appearing younger than his years.  Mick, who turned 68 last month, stays in shape through regular workouts that can include an eight-mile run, kickboxing, cycling, and swimming as well as strength training, pilates, yoga, and ballet lessons.  And substance abuse is a thing of the past.  Jagger says it's been decades since he's used drugs, and he doesn't drink because it can be "too debilitating."  Instead he eats plenty of fish, chicken, pasta, and grains, and he has a passion for avocados.  The rocker also adds plenty of vitamin and herbal supplements to his diet.

In addition, Mick says he's diligent about using moisturizers, eye cream, and face masks, and he admits he dyes his hair.  Jagger's other techniques for looking and feeling young include getting plenty of rest, having regular massages, and making friends with much younger people.