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A mother in South Carolina is tired of messing around with her pot smoking 13 year old son. She said that "time outs and taking things away just doesn't work any more." See her new approach to punishment after the jump.

April Mathison, the mother, decided on some public humility for her son. She made up a sign with the phrase "Smoked pot, got caught. Don't I look cool? Not!" She then had her son, Brandon, walk the length of a main intersection of their home town. "I never in a million years pictured my 13 year old getting busted for marijuana." said April. "We as parents need to step it up, we have to protect our children and if this is what it takes, it's what I'm going to do."

What does Brandon think of his mom's punishment? He seem to be learning a valuable lesson. "I got to change my life and stop." he affirms.

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What do you think? Is this a creative way to punish a teenager, or is it abuse?