New homeowners occasionally find the odd item left behind by those who lived there previously.

But for one Utah man, the find in his garage didn't require a trip to the dump -- he found $45,000.

And promptly gave it back.

"You can't make plans for money like this that's found in a situation like this," Josh Ferrin told the Deseret News, the Utah newspaper where he works as an artist.  "It just doesn't feel right to do anything but give it back."

Ferrin had just closed on the house in Bountiful, Utah, and found the cash in a heavy metal ammunition box in a previously unseen attic in the garage, the Deseret News reported.

The previous homeowner, Arnold Bangerter, had died in November 2010, and his son Dennis had signed off on the 1950s red-brick house.

Bartenger's children weren't surprised to hear about the money -- their father grew up in hard times and was always a saver.

Coins and bills found in the garage date back to the 1970s and 80s.