Bob Bonis always had his camera with him when he was the tour manager for The Rolling Stones and The Beatles 1964 through 1966 American tours. Even though he took over 3,500 candid live and backstage photos of the two bands, he always kept the photos private. It was 14 years after Bob's death in 1991 before word leaked out about the treasure trove of snapshots. With his son Alex Bonis' assistance, author Larry Marion released "The Lost Rolling Stones Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive, 1964-1966" last Fall, and now is unleashing "The Lost Beatles Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive, 1964-1966."

The photographs are unlike any others seen before. Bob had a gifted eye and unequaled access. These photos are candid, intimate, unguarded and have an honesty that transcends and humanizes the subject.