Pete Townshend is lashing out against illegal downloading and the Internet's role in music distribution.

The BBC says the rocker took aim at iTunes, calling the Apple music store a "digital vampire" that "exists in the wild west Internet land of Facebook and Twitter." The Who guitarist suggested the company do more to earn its "enormous commission," and provide guidance and support to new artists who show a lot of promise.  Townshend also expressed his dismay at how people now seem to feel entitled to the music they previously had to pay for, saying he wondered "what has gone wrong with human morality and social justice."

In addition, Pete accused the Internet of "destroying copyright as we know it."  But he added that the problem is a "dilemma for every creative soul" because "a creative person would prefer their music to be stolen and enjoyed than ignored."  Townshend made his remarks in an address he gave Monday at the BBC 6's inaugural John Peel Lecture, a new UK music symposium named in honor of the famed British DJ.