Some of you may remember what a huge fan of Star Trek I am, more specifically The Next Generation. That whole Picard becomes a Borg thing was amazing!

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It's hard being a sci-fi geek married to a, well, non-sci-fi geek.  But over the years, I have been making progress.  My wife kinda likes Star Trek and really likes Star Wars.  But she absolutely loves Doctor Who, and I am realizing that more and more fans in America and across the globe, do as well!  World-wide we are known as Whovians.

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Almost a year ago, my Uncle Joe sent me a comic book in which Star Trek: The Next Generation meets Doctor Who.  It took place during the confrontation with the Borg.  It was cool, but I had never heard of Doctor Who and became intrigued.  I searched my TV listings and found it on BBC America (Comcast channel 114).

I immediately fell in love, and watched every episode I could find.  My oldest son, Ben, happened to wander in during one of my Who viewing marathons, and he was glued to the "telly" as well.  Months later, after learning about the almost 50 years of doctors and how the same character has been played by eleven actors and they each have their own personality, we have become comletely obsessed!

The time-traveling the device The Doctor has used to get around since 1963 is the T.A.R.D.I.S., or time and relative dimention in space.  We are such geeks about the show that we have three of them.  We also have four or five Sonic Screwdrivers, and at least three bow ties.  Yes, "Bow ties are cool!"


Matt Smith currently plays the Eleventh Doctor, and he was the one I first saw.  Watching Smith's first full episode as The Doctor is when I fell in love with the franchise.  He was still adjusting to his new incarnation, and had no idea what foods he liked.  Trial and error is priceless!

I then saw reruns featuring the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, and enjoyed the same character yet through a different face.  I then came upon Christopher Eccleston's short run as The Ninth Doctor.   Eccleston played the lead role when Doctor Who was rebooted in 2005. His take on the role was just as charming.

Unlike any remake, redo, or reboot that I have ever seen of old TV shows or movies, the 2005 incarnation of Doctor Who is truly unique.  It picks up sometime after The Eighth Doctor, the last Doctor accounted for during the show's original run, regenerated into the Ninth.  This Christmas, almost eight years later, The Eleventh Doctor will regenerate into The Twelfth Doctor.


Today (Sunday) the BBC announced that Peter Capaldi will inherit the world-famous role.  He is an award-winning British actor who is known most recently for his role on the British TV series The Thick Of It.  He will find himself now picking up where Matt Smith left off with an iconic role that is cherish and adored the world over.  And it is even more of an honor for Capaldi, and a landmark for the longest-running sci-fi show in history, as Doctor Who celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.

Look for the new episodes to start in November, and brace yourself for the epic Christmas episode in which we say farewell to Matt Smith's Doctor, and welcome Peter Capaldi's.