If you love peanut butter and hot peppers like yours truly take a look at this. In Great  Britain their selling a peanut butter that's six times hotter than the world's hottest chilli. "Instant Regret" is the name of the peanut butter that's loaded with capsaicin - the element that provides the heat in the chilli.

How hot is it?  Well,the scale which measures the heat of chilli peppers, the peanut butter comes in at 12,000,000. The world's hottest chilli - the Moruga Scorpion - rates at 2,000,000. This is serious HOT. The spread comes with a warning to users. It is not suitable for the elderly nor children.

For anyone brave enough to give it a try, the peanut butter is for sale online at about $15 for a jar. The website firebox.com