The Genesee County Road Commission have enlisted reinforcements to battle the havoc wreaked on the roads by the record snowstorm.

UPDATE: The report below was apparently based on a "worst case scenario." Despite record snowfall, the Genesee County Road Commission now has brought in extra help and has around 41 trucks working to clear the city streets as well as the expressways. Once that has happened, they will move on to residential streets.

According to a Facebook post from Genesee County Scanners, the road commission is basically saying, "Genesee County is closed!" Check it out below:

UPDATE: There are actually 11 trucks out until 5am according to Flint Police Operations.

We know it's tough out there right now, but why only the expressways tomorrow? Yeah, all the schools are closed (click here for a complete list of school closings) but people still have to get to work. Not everybody owns a 4-wheel drive truck. In fact, if you don't -- it's going to be damn hard to get to work tomorrow.

Lansing residents had a more official announcement of this nature, as their Mayor Virg Bernero declared a snow emergency and has prohibited all non-essential driving. As to what qualifies as "non-essential," you're guess is as good as mine.

Good luck out there and be safe!