I am beyond excited about this! I remember watching "BattleBots" and losing my nerd mind. Now, it's coming back this summer!

After being canceled by Comedy Central 12 years ago, the popular "BattleBots" series returns to the small screen this summer thanks to ABC and Whalerock Industries. ABC has picked up a reimagined take of the killer robot combat sport, from Whalerock Industries and the creators of the original "BattleBots" franchise, Ed Roski and Greg Munson. Former ABC topper Lloyd Braun executive produces the project, which has received a six-episode order to air this summer

"Like the original, the new series will feature homemade robots battling against each other in a single-elimination, tournament-style format, until there is one champion," according to Deadline.

The competing robots will be broken down into separate weight classes so they can battle robots their own size. The show will focus not just on the fights themselves, but the builders as well.

I am very excited to see this show back on. Especially since there has been leaps in bounds robot technology. This is going to be sweet!