Who fans!  What out for Roger Daltrey this year as he takes his own personal version of the classic Townshend tale on the road.  It's already raging in the UK where the show is getting great reviews.  The South Wales Argus said “Vocally, his voice has all the depth and power of his youth, and by the time the gig moved on to its second section of classics, covers and anthems, the audience were captivated.”

Pete Townshend himself had a few words, fortunately, very positive.  “Great to see Roger performing TOMMY with his band in 2011.  I will be there in spirit.  Roger has my complete and most loving support. Roger is touring his unique concert version of TOMMY using his faithful presentation of the original work as the backbone for a set of wider material.  It is wonderful to hear the way Roger and his new band re-interpret the old Who songs.”

Daltrey does the entire 'Tommy' album along with other Who faves.  Most shows are clocking in at around 2 and half hours.  The State-side jaunt begins this fall.  I'll certainly watch for some Michigan dates!