This News Is Brought To You By VH1’s Dave Basner

Could an upcoming Rolling Stones tour be in jeopardy because of something Keith Richards wrote in his autobiography about singer Mick Jagger? Possibly! England’s Independent reports that because in Keith’s book, Life, he says Mick has a small penis, Jagger is angry with the guitarist and has put tour dates on hold. The tour isn’t the only thing that might get scrapped. Organizers of the 2012 Olympics are reportedly desperate to get the pair to make amends so they will perform at the opening ceremony. No word from either rocker but you can read more at Independent.co.uk.  Settle down kids.

While a tour is questionable, one thing that is certain is that the band will put out a box set later this year. The package features 45 of the group’s 45s, also known as singles, that were originally released between 1971 and 2006. Each single will get its own CD that includes B-sides, live versions and remixes. In total, the set includes 173 tracks plus a 32-page hardback book with photos, essays and an interview with former bassist Bill Wyman. It hits shelves overseas on April 11th but no word yet on when it’s out here in the States.