Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Reissues Will Continue in 2015
The Led Zeppelin remasters that Jimmy Page has been working on will start seeing the light of day in 2014 -- but it'll take a little longer than we initially believed for all of them to arrive in stores.
Led Zeppelin’s Spotify Deal Hits Tribute Bands Hard
Led Zeppelin’s decision last week to finally allow their music to be streamed on Spotify may be a financial boom to the two parties involved, but it is likely to negatively affect the bottom line of those who were covering the band’s catalog on the popular online service.
Hear a Man Sing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Backward
If you're anything like the staff here at Ultimate Classic Rock, you've heard Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' so many times that you feel like you know it forward and backward. But only one man truly understands the song in reverse, and his name is Jeroen Offerman.
16 Years Ago: Led Zeppelin’s ‘BBC Sessions’ Released
For many diehards, Led Zeppelin were even more mind-blowing onstage than they were in the studio. With 1997's 'BBC Sessions,' that argument was strengthened considerably, as it showcased the most powerful quartet in rock music at their most playful and hard-hitting.
Robert Plant Discovers New, Unreleased Led Zeppelin Songs
Outside of the long-running debate about Led Zeppelin getting back together to record some new material, the next best thing could possibly happen. Robert Plant revealed that he has discovered some previously unreleased material from the group that could soon see the light of day.

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