Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page Celebrates 71 Years On Planet Earth
It’s Jimmy Page’s birthday today, he has 71 candles on his cake and continues to crank out the Led Zeppelin reissues.The double album Physical Graffiti newly remastered will be released on February 24th, the 40th anniversary date of the collection when it first saw the light of day...
Jimmy Page Hints At Surprises In New Re-issue Release
Jimmy Page may have a surprise or two for Led Zeppelin fans! In the Led Zeppelin reissues he has already given fans a number of previously unreleased recordings -- can there be even more surprises to come?
Page talked with Rolling Stone, mentioning that he had found "two extra things&quo…
John Bonham Joins Heaven’s Rhythm Section [Video]
On September 25, 1980, drummers and rock music lovers around the world were shocked to hear the news that John(Bonzo)Bonham of Led Zeppelin had died. He was found dead in his bed after a drinking binge. Bonzo was a unique one of a kind drummer. Many a drummer around the world would just sit there an…
Celebrating Two Great Drummers Charlie And Bonzo
Checking out the rock and roll birthday calendar. June 2, 1941, born in London, 'The Rolling Stones" drummer Charlie Watts. Starting at the age of 17, Charlie began  playing in a jazz band. In 1963, he would join a new band on the scene The Rolling Stones

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