Bacon Maple Ale Goes Well With Doughnuts and Pork
Unless you’re talking about Saturday Night Live’s spoof commercial for AM Ale, one doesn’t normally associate downing a tall, frosty brew with breakfast. Yet, Rogue Ale has gone all flip mode on everyone with their new Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple offer…
Wanna Taste a Beer Made With Real Gold? Well, You Can’t
If you’re some ruler of a random nation that nobody can pronounce correctly, you’re probably looking for some high-end alcoholic beverage that’s a little bit more classy than a bottle of Pinot Grigio you picked up from the deli down the street. Well, i…
Watch This Ridiculous Commercial That We Think is For Beer
Anytime a beer commercial begins with a robotic stink finger giving the old “show stopper” to a wall mounted cassette deck armed ready to pump out the Knight Rider theme song, you know you’re in for a treat.
Of course, up until a few days ago, we had never …
Grand Rapids Is Beer City
Voting for the annual Beer City USA poll is over. With almost 56,000 votes cast for 31 different American cities the results are that Grand Rapids and Asheville, North Carolina topped the poll with a tie.
Both cities are being awarded Beer City USA 2012.
Talk About A Cold Beer
A Japanese brewery has come up with a novel way of keeping beer cool - a frozen head.
Kirin's Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft features a frozen foam 'lid' which keeps the beer cold for about 30 minutes.
Kalamazoo Named In Nation’s Top Ten Beer Cities
Kalamazoo has been ranked fourth in the nation by the website in its "Top 10 Beer Cities" list.  Microbreweries like Bell's and Olde Peninsula Brewpub were counted among the reasons Kalamazoo ranks so highly on the beer list.

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