Earth Day

Earth Day 2016: Trees for the Earth [VIDEO]
You're being called on to help plant 7.8 billion trees over the next five years as Earth Day moves closer to its 50th anniversary. Trees help combat climate change and help us breathe clean air. Watch a cool video and read a message from the Earth Day Network
Images Of Earth From NASA [VIDEO]
NASA satellites provide useful data about our planet every day of the year and along the way some beautiful images to view on Earth Day. The trip begins at the San Quintín Glacier in Chile and ends showing Aurora and Moonglow over Western Europe.
Take Time To Celebrate Earth Today
Today is Earth Day, and over one billion people in 192 countries are taking action to protect the environment. Earth Day has been around since 1970. A day set aside to promote the protection of our environment. The important thing to remember is that everyone can do their part.