Just For Laughs: Gags

April Fools’ Day Picture Pranks [VIDEO]
Ever since I was a child, I have always loved the idea of April Fools' Day. A day to play innocent pranks and practical jokes on unsuspecting victims. The gang at "Just For Laughs: Gags" gets to do this year round!
Prank of the Week: Fugitive Transforms Into Mannequin [VIDEO]
Time for another great prank from the gang at Just For Laughs: Gags! This time, innocent passers-by at a mall see an fugitive on the run. Then a police officer, played brilliantly by my friend Denis Levasseur, approaches the unsuspecting victim to see if they saw where the criminal went. Watch w…
Looking For A Way To Prank Your Co-Workers? [VIDEO]
There are some pretty good ways to prank fellow office workers. Everything from taping their phones down to discretely disconnecting their mouse or keyboard. Around here we prefer the good ol' Facebook or e-mail bombs. While those are fine, this one takes office pranking to a whole new level…