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DNR Introduces New App Eyes In The Field
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking for your help in acquiring information about the state's wildlife and fish. The new Eyes in the Field app gives citizens the ability to file reports while they're enjoying the outdoors.
Keep The Wildlife In The Wild
Yesterday looking out the kitchen window at the bird feeders in the backyard I counted six male Blue Jays together chowing down. You can't beat watching the show going on around the feeders with our feathered friends.
The Michigan DNR reminds us to keep wildlife in the wild...
Humongous Morel Discovered In Indiana Woods
It's a springtime tradition around these parts hunting for morel mushroom. What a trophy winner in Indiana for Kayden Graber who's 13 years old and was out looking for the elusive mushroom and came across this whooper that's almost a foot high...
Explore The Trails During Free ORV Weekends
The Michigan DNR invites off-road enthusiasts to enjoy the first Free ORV Weekend of the year this Saturday and Sunday (6/11, 6/12). Michigan residents and non-residents can legally ride DNR-designated routes and trails this weekend without purchasing an ORV license or trail permit...
DNR Wildfire Prevention Week Reminder
"One ember landing in some dead grass is enough to start a wildfire” says a fire prevention specialist from the Michigan DNR. The department is using the state’s annual observance of Wildfire Prevention Week (4/17 - 4/23) to remind us about the dangers of wildfires.
Speedy Snake Identification: The Blue Racer [VIDEO]
Whether you're a hunter, a wildlife enthusiast or just someone who enjoys an occasional walk in the woods, this Michigan DNR 60-Second Snakes video will help you properly identify the Blue Racer should you ever come across this species in your travels.

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