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Mick Jagger Puts Focus on Film Production
With another round of Rolling Stones tour dates on the horizon, one might assume Mick Jagger would be too busy for non-musical pursuits. As a recent profile in the Hollywood Reporter makes clear, however, the ever-restless rock legend always has a lot of projects on his plate -- and these days, that…
Mick Jagger Praised for Secretly Helping Punk Rock Legend
In a recent interview, the legend that is John Lydon revealed an interesting tidbit concerning Sir Mick Jagger. It turns out that while Sex Pistol Sid Vicious was awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, Jagger stepped in the pay the legal fees.
Mick Jagger 70 Years Young
Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger was born today July 26,1943 in Dartford, Kent, England. His parents Joe and Eva were both teachers.
While Mick was attending school he had thoughts of becoming either a journalist or a politician.
Rod Stewart Recalls Mick Jagger’s Group Sex Invite
The sex life of Rod Stewart is truly the stuff of legend that could make a grown man cry, even if, by his own admission, it was "sad." But recently he's been disclosing that, back in the day, he turned down some high-profile offers. In May, he said that he ran from the notorio…
Steven Tyler Says Mick Jagger Comparisons Hurt
After 40 years with Aerosmith, Steven Tyler takes the long view on the group's well-documented ups and downs. He's comfortable with what the band have achieved in their career together. But that doesn't mean the unfavorable comparisons to Mick Jagger from early in his career don&…
Mick Jagger Peeved About New Rolling Stones-Inspired Memoir
The Rolling Stones have unleashed a torrent of merchandising tie-ins over the years, but that doesn't mean they're down with any old piece of Stones-related product. Just ask Mick Jagger, who's currently annoyed with the band's former financial adviser, Prince Rupert Loewenstein,…
Mick Jagger’s Secret Love Letters to Actress Auctioned for $300K
Love letters written by Mick Jagger to American actress Marsha Hunt during the summer of 1969 have been auctioned by Sothebys for more than twice the expected sum. An unidentified buyer paid over $300K for 10 passionate, revealing letters that came during a time of much turbulence for the Rolling St…
Mick Jagger’s Old Love Letters Bring In Big Bucks
Some old love letters sent by Mick Jagger to singer Marsha Hunt in 1969, have sold at an auction at Sothebys on Wednesday  for $301,472.
A private collector bidding by phone on Wednesday acquired  the 10 letters that Mick sent to Marsha who happens to be the mother of Jagger's first ch…

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