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New Steve Jobs Bio Claims He Hated Neil Young
The public picture that's been painted of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is one of a brilliant entrepreneur with a distinctly ruthless streak, so it isn't hard to imagine that he'd be annoyed by Neil Young's long crusade against the compressed audio that Apple's iTunes store he…
Neil Young Lets Loose With New Album Storytone
New music is on the market today from one of my favorite artist Neil Young. The latest studio collection called Storytone is available in CD and digital. You can hear Neil perform the songs either with a full orchestra on the standard edition or go deluxe and get acoustic interpretations as well.
Neil Young Part Of Program To Save The Rainforests
Got another reason why Neil Young is one cool dude. The Kickstarter website was very helpful when Neil wanted money for his Pono high-resolution audio player. Now Neil is helping to support a project that uses high tech to help save the world's endangered rainforests.
Watch an Entire Neil Young Concert From Carnegie Hall
Neil Young's recent four-night solo stand at New York's Carnegie Hall received glowing reviews from all who were fortunate enough to see it. Now, thanks to several fans and their camera phones, everybody can see one of those shows in its entirety for themselves.

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