Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton Luggage Thief Sentenced
A Denver man convicted of stealing numerous pieces of luggage, including some belonging to guitar legend Peter Frampton, from the carousel at Denver International Airport was given a 60 day jail sentence.
Peter Frampton Luggage Thief Arrested
It's always unsettling to discover that someone has pilfered your belongings, as Peter Frampton discovered earlier this year when his luggage was stolen from the Denver airport. He doesn't have his stuff back, but at least police have caught the culprit.
Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus Rocks Los Angeles
Peter Frampton's summer concert caravan, Frampton's Guitar Circus, has proven to be one of the most successful concepts of the season. Taking a page from Ringo's All-Stars and even a bit of Bob Dylan's mid-'70s Rolling Thunder Review, the tour features a rotating roster…
The Album That Put Peter Frampton On The Map
One of the best selling rock and roll concert albums of all time was being recorded at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco today June 13, 1975. Peter Frampton played the first of two shows that were used to make his #1, multi-million selling double LP collection “Frampton Comes Alive&rdqu…

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