Happy Birthday Neil Peart
It's Neil Peart's birthday today. The Rush drummer is a very rhythmic 61. Neal Ellwood Peart was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Neil got his first drum kit when he was 14, as a gift from his parents.
Actor Paul Rudd Joins Rush Onstage at Tour Finale
In the 2009 hit movie 'I Love You, Man,' Paul Rudd and Jason Segel play buddies who bond over a shared love of the holy triumvirate known as Rush (the guys jam to the band's songs, and Rush themselves appeared in the movie during a concert scene). Later on, Rudd and Segel reprised their roles alongs…
News Reporter Breaks Into Rush Classic on ‘Air Guitar’
Slow news day? Roger Clark, a reporter for NY1 in New York City recently wrapped up a report on the 2013 US Air Guitar Championships by jamming out to 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush. The video comes from Monday (July 1), Canada Day. Clark indicates he was paying tribute to Canadians everywhere with …

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