Saturday Night Live

‘SNL’ Puts An Edge on Charlie Brown
In one of the funniest sketches of the episode, last night's 'Saturday Night Live' gave us a version of the Peanuts gang that adults have craved for years: 'You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown.'
‘Saturday Night Live’ Doing More Election Specials
Sheesh, is it that time again?  Not only do we have to choose some kind of leader of the free world over the next few months, but it seems like forever since the last time we got any fresh ‘Saturday Night Live‘ scoop.  Well, wait no longer!  ‘SNL’ will of course be back this fall, airing not one, bu…
Mick Jagger A Succes On Saturday Night Live
Mick Jagger is getting positive reviews from the public for his efforts on "Saturday Night Live." The Rolling Stones frontman served as both the host and musical guest for the season finale of the NBC sketch comedy show, which aired over the weekend.  Sixty-percent of the resp…
Sir Mick On Saturday Night Live And Maybe The Stones
The latest gossip is that the Rolling Stones will perform on Saturday Night Live with unconfirmed reports  that the band is rehearsing in New York City.  The rumor is spreading as Mick Jagger prepares for his very first role hosting the finale of Saturday Night Live on April 19th.  It also report…

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