The Beatles

Beatles Bio Author Plans to Deconstruct Fab Four Legend
If you read the news about Mark Lewisohn's massive new book about the Beatles' early years and wondered what it could possibly add to the band's legend, the answer is simple: absolutely nothing at all. In fact, as Lewisohn recently told CNN, he tried to wipe all that away and start ov…
48 Years Ago: The Beatles Finish ‘Rubber Soul’
On Nov. 11, 1965, the Beatles convened to finish recording their sixth album, 'Rubber Soul.' Entering the studio at around 6PM, they realized they were a couple songs short of the 14 tracks slotted for the new record. Believe it or not, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were having trouble writing enou…
The Beatles Entertain The Royals
It was a big night for The Beatles November 4,1963. The band performed at the Royal Command Performance at the Prince of Wales Theater in London; in the audience were the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.
50 Years Ago – The Beatles Complete Their Second Album
As opposed to the marathon session that produced most most of the Beatles' first album, their follow-up, 'With the Beatles,' was recorded during a series of dates in the summer and fall of 1963. The final day of recording took place on the morning of Oct. 23, 1963 at Studio Two at Abb…
Beatles Book Tunes In to the Band’s History
At this point, a Beatles book really has to be something special to stand out from the library full of volumes that have been written about the band. 'Tune In,' a new tome from Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn, looks like it might fit the bill.
50 Years Ago: ‘Beatlemania’ Is Born
When the Beatles took the stage fifty years ago today (Oct. 13 -- ignore the date on this video) to appear on the variety show 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium,' they were four lads armed with the simple tools of their early classics--a bass, two guitars, drum kit.
The psychedelia, the massive s…

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