The Beatles

Meet the ‘Double Pete Best’ of ’90s Rock
For just about any band that eventually made it big, there's at least one guy who was in the lineup before they were famous -- their 'Pete Best,' if you will. But Jason Everman, who played guitar for Nirvana and bass for Soundgarden in the late '80s, narrowly missed his shot at t…
Paul McCartney Takes On The Queen
Flashback today in 1969, Paul McCartney is at Abbey Road Studios in London all by himself and records The Beatles shortest song “Her Majesty” his tribute to Queen Elizabeth.
50 Years Ago: The Beatles Write ‘She Loves You’
It went on to become the Beatles' biggest-selling U.K. single and arguably their defining song, but in the summer of 1963, 'She Loves You' was just the latest bid for worldwide success from a band whose music had yet to take over the world.
Happy Global Beatles Day
Today is Global Beatles Day because on June 25,1967 The Beatles made communication history with the first live global television link.
400 million people in 26 countries watched via satellite.
Yoko Ono Says Being a Beatle’s Wife is a ‘Difficult’ Life
As part of Yoko Ono's UK press blitz for her efforts as curator of the 2013 Meltdown Festival in London, the 80-year-old artist/activist acknowledged the pressures inherent in her marriage to the late John Lennon, describing being married to a Beatle as "the most difficult thing to be.…
Beatles-Focused Show Coming to Broadway
The Beatles anthology production 'Let It Be' is making the leap from London's West End to the St. James Theatre on Broadway. Rather than focus on the Fab's bitter-end finale, however, the show includes songs from throughout their career.
Paul McCartney Debuts Five Beatles Songs in Concert
If there's any rocker who can rest on his laurels onstage, it's Paul McCartney. After all, with such a huge catalog, he can simply fill up a setlist with dozens of his hits, play them night after night without changing, and nobody complains that they didn't get to hear their favorites…
The Beatles Headline A Star Studded Concert
May 1st 1966, The Beatles performed their last concert in the United Kingdom, at London’s Wembley Arena for the NME Poll Winner’s Party.  Other groups on the bill included The Rolling Stones,The Who, The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield and The Walker Broth…
The Beatles Revived by Greg Kihn in New Novel
For most music fans, Greg Kihn will always be known as the guy behind hits like 'Jeopardy' and 'The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em).' But he's also an established writer and all set to publish his fifth novel, the Beatles-inspired 'Rubber Soul.'

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