The Beatles

The Beatles, Bob Dylan And Marijuana
This the day August 28, 1964 The Beatles smoked marijuana for the first time when it was offered to them by of all people Bob Dylan. The event happened at hotel in New York City. Bob Dylan couldn’t believe The Beatles had never smoked cannabis.
45 Years Ago: Ringo Starr Temporarily Quits the Beatles
Although they wouldn't officially disband until April 1970, the first signs that the four-headed beast known as the Beatles was starting to come apart at the seams took place on Aug. 22, 1968. A little more than six years to the day that he performed his first show with the group, drummer Ringo…
A New Chapter For The Beatles With Revolver
This week in 1966,The Beatles released their album “Revolver” this is the album where the band turns the corner and starts expanding and experimenting in the studio with new sounds and techniques. The collection has been labeled by some as The Beatles best album.
50 Years Ago: Beatles Monthly Debuts
The term "Beatlemania" wouldn't be coined for another two months, but by August 1963, the Beatles were becoming so popular in the U.K. that they created a magazine devoted to all things Beatles. That month, the first of 77 issues of Beatles Monthly went out to members of the b…

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