The Beatles

It Was 49 Years Ago Today [VIDEO]
March 30,1967 was a busy day for The Beatles. First they had a photo shoot for the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Then it was back into the Abbey Road studio and wrap up the final production on "With a Little Help From My Friends."
Early Days at The Cavern Club [VIDEO]
On March 21, 1961, The Beatles played the Cavern Club at night for the first time. “We used to play lunchtime dates” George Harrison recalled. “We’d get up and go down to the Cavern and play from noon till about two. It was very casual.
The Fifth Beatle [VIDEOS]
He conducted the strings on 'Eleanor Rigby,' played piccolo trumpet on 'Penny Lane' and wrote brass, violins, cellos and vocal arrangements for 'I Am the Walrus.' Read Paul McCartney's words about "the passing of dear George Martin".

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