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Mick And Keith Become the Glimmer Twins In 1960
The seed was planted today October 25,1960, when Mick Jagger on board a train in London bumps into an old school mate Keith Richards. Under his arm Keith had some Rhythm & Blues albums which kicks off a conversation about their individual love of R&B.
Brian And Jim Gone But Not Forgotten
July 3rd a dark day in Rock and Roll. In 1969, one of the original Rolling Stones Brian Jones died in his swimming pool he was 27 years old. Alcohol and barbiturates were found in his blood. His death was declared death by accident.
The Rolling Stones Go Big With iTunes
Now you can go to one place and basically get anything The Rolling Stones have ever done. The entire back catalog of the Stones is now available on iTunes. It’s all part of the bands 50th Anniversary.
The Rolling Stones Number One In 1965
The Rolling Stones continue with their tour Thursday night in Toronto, celebrating 50 years of rocking.
This week in 1965, The Rolling Stones put out one their most famous tunes "Satisfaction".
The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Revisited
The Rolling Stones continue their “50 Year and Counting” tour with next stop Saturday in Toronto.
This week in 1971 the Stones “Sticky Fingers” album was #1 nationwide. What a great collection of tunes some say one of the best albums the band put out.
The Rolling Stones 49 Years Ago
Set the “Carl Coffey Rock and Roll Wayback Machine” to May 2, 1964.The Rolling Stones enter the music charts in the U.S.A. for the first time with their cover of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away".
Shocking Day For Keith Richards
December 3,1965, was the day we almost lost Keith Richards. Keith's guitar accidentally touched his microphone while The Rolling Stones performed "The Last Time" in Sacramento, California. The electric shock knocked Keith unconscious for seven minutes.
First Time Ever App From The Rolling Stones
The free Rolling Stones Official App is part of the 50th anniversary celebrations and also there’s a paid-for portion. You can watch interviews, try and win tour tickets, see photos and videos of the band across the decades and, in the paid-for portion, unlock content shot specifically for the…
Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood Auction And Engagement
Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood and his ex-wife Jo had an auction over the weekend. The auction of instruments, memorabilia, artwork, clothing and other collectibles brought in almost $700,000. Part of the money will go to the MusiCares charity. The big ticket item a 1955 Fender Stratocaster bro…
Rolling Stones Whiskey Available Tomorrow
Get ready for "Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whiskey". The limited-edition run  consists of a 150 bottles and will be available starting Tuesday.
The whiskey is a blend of selected malts distilled and made in milestone years from the band's 50 year history, including a m…
Flashback With The Rolling Stones
From the Rolling Stones History Book. A couple key moments happened on October 25th. First up the year is 1960, and on a train a 17-year-old Mick Jagger bumps into a grade school acquaintance Keith Richards. The two started chatting and discovered they both were into rhythm and blues records. Keith …

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