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Double Flashback With The Who
Two “Who” items from Rock & Roll History Book. It was on November 20,1965,The Who released the single "My Generation" in the U.S.A.
Then in 1973 on November 20th, drummer Keith Moon collapsed twice during The Who's concert in San Francisco
48 Years Ago: Roger Daltrey Walks Out on the Who
The early days of the Who were tumultuous times. Four different personalities were learning to coexist. The band changed its name three times. Pete Townshend and Keith Moon began to revel in the joy of destroying their instruments. And Roger Daltrey often found himself at odds with the rest of the b…
Roger Daltrey Gets Behind Keith Moon Biopic
It's long been trapped in development limbo, but it looks like a movie about the wild life and times of Who drummer Keith Moon might finally be heading for theaters -- with support and creative input from one of Moon's former bandmates, no less.
The Who Reveal Plans for 2015 Farewell Tour
Last week, Pete Townshend said that the Who would embark on one final tour in 2015. And apparently he means it this time. Sort of. Roger Daltrey recently clarified those plans, but confirmed that the group would indeed be performing its last batch of big shows in the near future.
35 Years Ago: The Who Release ‘Who Are You’
The final album by the Who's original lineup was a product of its time. Released three years after its predecessor, 'The Who by Numbers' (which indeed sounded like the band on autopilot at times), 1978's 'Who Are You' had a lot to contend with, like punk rock, electroni…
The Who Captured Live And Loud In 1970
One of the greatest live rock albums was released this week back in 1970. The Who's "Live at Leeds," recorded at The University of Leeds in England. "Live At Leeds" eventually hit #4 on the album charts with over two million copies sold.

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