Valentine's Day

Woman Buys Ad Space to Dump Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day
Whether you're stuck trying to figure out an original way to be romantic or lamenting the fact you don't have a sweetheart, Valentine's Day definitely isn't all chocolate and good feelings.
But no matter your February 14th gripe, you are still probably having a better Va…
The Top 20 Conversation Hearts That Have Been Retired
My how times have changed!  This is the 147th Valentine's Day people will celebrate with those candy conversation hearts. Sure, they taste like you're eating chalk or drywall, but the messages on them are the best, which is why people buy four million pounds of them a year during the …
The Top Five Worst Possible First Dates [VIDEO]
Valentine's Day will be here and gone before you know it. Many people go on their first date on Valentine's Day. That being said, when it comes to a first date, wading through feces is only slightly worse than introducing someone to your parents. A new survey asked people to name their wor…
Woman Receives Flowers From Her Dead Husband
A clip from a magazine has been making its rounds online. We're not sure exactly what magazine it came from but it looks to be from 'Redbook.' It's a story from a 68-year-old woman in Houston, Texas named Sue Johnston.