Today is Earth Day, and over one billion people in 192 countries are taking action to protect the environment. Earth Day has been around since 1970. A day set aside to promote the protection of our environment. The important thing to remember is that everyone can do their part. It doesn’t take a grand gesture to make a difference. Even smaller actions can have far-reaching ripple effects.

Here's few simple ways to help out Mother Earth. Recycle bottles, cans, plastic, and newspapers. This helps conserve our natural resources for future generations. It also reduces the need for landfills and supports the U.S. workers who make recycled goods. Go green for lawn and garden care. If you use pesticides, spot-treat problem areas instead of putting chemicals on the whole yard.

Save the world with your wallet. Cut down on waste buy reusable products instead of disposable ones; for example, cloth napkins instead of paper. Purchase recycled or recyclable items when available.

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