The Martin Agency's Consumer Forensics Division has broken dads down into five different types, each with their own distinct tastes, character traits, and ways of relating to their families.  A quarter of the fathers are "The Partner Dad."  They're the dads who are willing to work with their partner, and share such household responsibilities as cooking, cleaning, and shopping.  These dads don't get much free time, but when they do they'll typically spend it reading or watching TV.  Another 25-percent are "The Durable Dad."  These fathers tend to be more traditional, and prioritize family, community, and country -- in that order.  They have a strong moral code, which they teach by example.  He's a guy who could be described as a "man's man," and enjoys such activities as working in the garage and hunting.

Nineteen-percent are "The Renaissance Dad."  Fathers who fall into this category emphasize togetherness, and make a point of being home for dinner every night.  When they're not with their families, they'll usually be reading or out jogging.  "The Leader of the Pack" is a driven man.  The 17-percent in this category are on a mission to improve their family's status and make sure their children have a better life than they did growing up.  Appearances are important, and they like stylish clothes and the latest technological gadgets.  Fourteen-percent are "The Hip Pop."  These are the men who want to be their kids' friend as well as their father.  They keep up to date culturally, and enjoy sports and other social activities.  They'll occasionally spoil their children, but they aren't pushovers. 

Happy Fathers Day!