Valentine's Day will be here and gone before you know it. Many people go on their first date on Valentine's Day. That being said, when it comes to a first date, wading through feces is only slightly worse than introducing someone to your parents. A new survey asked people to name their worst first dates. Here are the top five...

1) A day trip to a sewage treatment plant.

2) A tour of a coffin factory.

3) Meeting the other person's parents.

4) Visiting a prison.

5) Going to a wedding.

The survey also found 2% of people have been to a strip club on a first date. But notice how that did not make the top... er, uh... bottom five.

Coincidentally, we know for a fact some people will have sewage plant dates on Valentine's Day. In Brooklyn, New York, the Newton Creek sewage treatment plant is offering Valentine's tours. They say it's by popular demand. Talk about a crappy first date!