What's the strangest thing that you have had in your back seat? I will admit to having a goat in the back seat of my husband's Firebird back in the day, but that's nothing compared to this story.


Three  men in New Mexico are looking at jail time for the alleged theft of a 220 pound Holstein calf, taken from the ranch where they worked. The three amigos were pulled over for speeding initially, but as the cop walked up to their Honda Civic to write the ticket, he couldn't help but notice the back seat passenger. Alcohol isn't mentioned in the story, and who knows what they were going to do with the calf! They now face charges of larceny of livestock, conspiracy, lack of bill of sale and exporting of livestock.

Sounds like a very expensive cut of veal when you add up the fines and legal fees! Get your beef from the store next time guys!