In a recent report from, three men were charged yesterday for delivering and manufacturing marijuana in connection with being ringleaders that involved dozens of other people at the Compassion Care Center of Michigan of Dryden. Read on for more information.

Authorities raided the dispensary back in August under the suspicion that the facility had coordinated an operation involving multiple licensed caregives and dozens of customers. The sheriff's department confiscated 50 plants during this raid. Lapeer County Prosecutor Byron Konchuh said that under Michigan Medical Marijuana law caregivers are limited on growth and that it can not be used for profit of multiple caregivers.

Konchuh told

"One caretaker can have up to 12 plants and 2.5 ounces per patient, and that's it," he said. "When you start combining and have something that appears to be a dispensary and somebody sitting at a counter and distributing marijuana to anyone with a card, that's not what the law says."

All three men are being charged with delivering and manufacturing marijuana which is a four-year-felony. One of the suspects is being charged as a habitual offender under his second offense which could land him up to six years in prison.

Konchuh also said that one of the suspects turned himself in yesterday, and the other two are expected to turn themselves in today.

Are you for or against the use of medical marijuana? Should the state take steps to legalize the drug all together?