Tom Petty is using social media to share his dislike of social says that in a Twitter chat Tom admitted he was finding the process "very frustrating," because there wasn't "enough space to answer" more complex questions.  He also called social media "the end of the world," and expressed his distaste for how it has people "thinking their every breath is important." However, Tom added that he would become more active on Twitter.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images News


Petty also addressed his work in the chat.  He said it was "too soon to know details" on his next studio effort, but felt he had "another great album" in him.  The singer indicated there was a "good chance" that an expanded version of his 1994 solo effort, "Wildflowers," would be coming out, and that he'd "absolutely" issue some of his albums on Blu-ray because "it's the future."