This News Is Brought To You By VH1’s Dave Basner

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show this week and revealed to the host that he jammed with Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham for an audition after singer Robert Plant made it clear he didn’t want to go on a reunion tour. However, it’s not really news since we reported it a year and a half ago when Tyler spoke to us about playing with the legendary group.

“The kid in me was dying. I got to sing every song from ‘Black Dog’ up and down and I’ll never forget it as long as I live.”

He went on to explain to us why he turned them down when they invited him to join the band.

“I don’t think a band like theirs needs a singer like me. They already had the best, they were the best, in fact, there is no genre for what Led Zeppelin is other than Led Zeppelin. I’ve already got Aerosmith, I’m doing what I’m doing, Robert Plant’s doing what he wants to do so I don’t think there was really room for that.”

Tyler’s loyalty to Aerosmith hasn’t faltered since then, even after he became a judge on American Idol – he and the guys plan to work on their new album this weekend. See Steven on Idol Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern on FOX.