Brought To You By VH1’s Dave Basner

Last week, Sammy Hagar released his autobiography, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. The Chickenfoot singer didn’t hold back when he wrote the book and he reveals a lot of details about his time with Van Halen. Some of that might upset his former bandmates, so has he heard from them?

“No, I really don’t. Ed and Al are really stealth, they’re really strong, old-school kind of guys when it comes to that stuff. They know when to lay low and they know when to jump up. If they have a new record coming out or something or if they had a new tour coming up which I don’t think… I heard they’re working on a record but they’ve been working on a record for 18 years, so I think they probably, if they were out there, they’d rebuttal, but because they’re not, I think they don’t want to give me any extra hype.”

Sammy said he would be all for it if the guys did respond and gave him that hype.

“(laughs) Wouldn’t it be great if they got on the radio and started slamming me? That’d be great!”

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