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Downtown Detroit has been in an up hill battle to reinvent itself for quite a while. Greek Town, the casinos, the Fox Theater and our Detroit sports teams all fight to get tourists to spend their time and money in the city. Could downtown fire stations be added to that list of potential hot spots?

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City commissioner Don Austin is hoping to attract fire fighters from other cities and smaller towns to the downtown Detroit area. Austin would like to offer them  the potential to fight a real big city fire, and he will charge them for the privilege! This would be an extension of a very popular ride a long program, already in place in the city of Detroit. Recent budget cuts have forced the lay off of several firefighters, and the city is hoping that tourists will pick up some of the slack!


So far, this is just an idea, and a flurry of inter-office emails. Do you think this idea has any potential? Could Detroit be a hot spot for big city fire fighter wannabes?