A clip from a magazine has been making its rounds online. We're not sure exactly what magazine it came from but it looks to be from 'Redbook.' It's a story from a 68-year-old woman in Houston, Texas named Sue Johnston.

She was married to her husband, John, for 46 years. Every Valentine's Day, he'd send her a bouquet of flowers. After 46 years of marriage together, John passed away.

But the next Valentine's Day, Sue was shocked when she got a bouquet from John. It made her angry and upset, so she called the florist to tell them about the mistake. They told her, "Before he passed away, your husband prepaid for many years."

He asked them to keep sending her bouquets every Valentine's Day. And when Sue looked at the card on the flowers, it said "My love for you is eternal."

No word on how far ahead John paid for the annual deliveries, but the year they stop coming will likely be another blow for Sue.

Would you have the florist stop the deliveries if you were in Sue's situation? Or would you accept the flowers as a memento of your undying love?