Good old Lapeer, home of what use to be the oldest operating courthouse in Michigan, a few pro athletes, and well a bunch of farm land. For those who were born and raised (or spent the majority of you life) in Lapeer, we know a few different things that many "outsiders" or people who just moved there recently don't know. So, You know you're from Lapeer if... still call Lapeer Wine & Spirits -  Hoyt’s Wine & Spirits. remember where Maryland fried Chicken was located. remember the A&W on M-24.

...when Meijer was farmland. remember sneaking into the old Oakdale mental buildings at night. got your ice cream at Baskin Robins downtown. bought your cassettes or records at Hole in the Wall. partied in the State Game Area. went mud bogging in the "Hog Backs" remember when the Pix Theater played movies. spent your weekends "cruising" downtown.

...after the last day of school you went to Crampton Park for the shaving cream fights. went sledding at the Water Tower. went shopping and got a fountain drink at McCrory's. remember when the side walk sales were a fun time. wait all year for Lapeer Days. knew that the E.T. White building was a school, and you went there. remember when there was only one McDonalds. went out to eat at the Family Inn to have pizza, play video games and watch movies.

I'm sure there are a few more that I forgot, tell us what you're thinking.