The Big Game and big snacks go hand in hand. You cannot watch football without food. Whether you are watching the game with your family or a handful of friends, your snack attack must be on point. The cool thing is, all of the traditional football party snacks people expect can easily be made by you, or even easier - you can order them.

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I tend to go with the latter. I am not much in the kitchen, the only thing I am good at making are drinks. All kidding aside, I think I could even handle making a few of these snacks myself. Trust me, if I can make a hot dog - anyone can.

A handful of my selected snacks can be served as 'build your own' - like tacos, nachos, and even pizzas. Set out a selection of toppings, and let your guests choose. This is especially awesome if you are having any vegetarian or vegan guests.

Speaking of vegetables - is it me, or do you notice too that a veggie tray hardly ever gets touched at a party? Drinking beer and eating carrots is not a good combination. Take my advice, go minimal on this tray regardless if you make it yourself or order one.

When it comes to the Big Game, go big on the snacks people want to eat - the not so healthy options. Check out my top 10 crowd pleasing snacks below.

10 Big Game Snacks

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