It already costs an arm and a leg to go to the movies. After you’ve scrounged up your spare change to see that new superhero flick all you want to do is relax and enjoy the film, right? Wrong!

Sometimes there are a certain bunch of individuals who make it their personal mission to ruin your night at the picture show.

Everyone knows who we’re talking about: those rude noisy people who can’t save their comments until after the movie. Now, we don’t condone any type of violence when it comes to these entertainment offenders — but we do have some creative ways to handle them. Here are 10 of them:

1. Use their heads as target practice for spitting gummy bears.

2. Start eating their popcorn.

3. Yell, “I didn’t realize this film came with MORON’S commentary!”

4. Convince them that there is special “conversation seating” in the theater. Offer to lead them to it’s location. Cleverly lead them to the parking lot and lock the door behind them.

5. Sit on their lap.

6. Move closer to them and whisper, “If you keep talking, my leprechauns will follow you home!”

7. Start singing “This is the song that doesn’t end.”

8.  Have your friend start crying, then get up and yell “Look what you’ve done! My friend was so excited to see this movie, and you RUINED IT!”  Then demand an apology.

9. Inform them that the PRE-RECORDED FICTIONAL characters being PROJECTED onto a giant screen cannot hear a word they are saying.

10. Fart really loud and blame it on them.

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