The 1980s saw heavy metal rise to staggering popularity where arena and stadium tours were the standard for the exploding genre and its leading acts. This decade was arguably the finest for heavy music, which transcended the mainstream with seeming ease. Driven by flashy guitar work, sometimes all it took was one huge riff to send a band straight to the top across the airwaves and tour billings.

In this Loud List, we compiled the best metal riffs the decade had to offer — and there was quite a lot to choose from! Taking just 10 riffs from this iconic period sparked some very necessary debate and presented one of the most challenging tasks we've ever put ourselves up to at Loudwire.

When you've got acts like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions and so many more, simply choosing each band's best riff feels borderline impossible. Of course, each of these titans made our list, but with what riff?

There's a whole lot more here, so check out the video above as we count down the 10 Greatest Metal Riffs of the 1980s!

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