Amazon used to just sell books, but that was so 90s!  Since the days when they only sold books, a whopping 16 years ago, you can now get just about anything on the shopping megasite.  But there are still a few things that you can't get on Amazon, and Yahoo! Finance came up with a list of 10 things you still have to go elsewhere to purchase.

1. Guns.   Amazon sells gun safes, air guns, BB guns, and paint guns. But real guns are too hard to ship through the Postal Service.

2. Liquor.   Amazon sells some wines directly to pre-approved sellers, but for ordinary customers, it's too hard to verify a person's age online.

3. Real estate.   There are websites that act like virtual agents for people who want to sell real estate. But it's useless to do the transaction online because buyers want to see the property in person.

4. Pets.   We will probably never see pets sold online, because shipping is so hard on the animals. Animal welfare associations are against it, and no one really wants to be the first one to try it.

5. Cars.   It seems to work on eBay. But most people still want to see a car in person and test drive it before they buy it.

6. Fuel.   Again, the shipping would be an obstacle. But lots of places sell gas gift cards online, and Amazon doesn't even do that.

7. Lottery tickets.   So far, only one state sells lottery tickets online, and you have to be a resident. Amazon bans the sale of both lottery tickets and slot machines.

8. Tobacco.   Same as with liquor, it's hard to verify the buyer's age. But Amazon does sell just about everything else you could use for smoking, including cigarette papers and hookahs.

9. Prescription glasses.   Amazon sells frames, but not the glasses. You have to go to a site like

10. Secondhand clothes.   Amazon seems to be missing out here. eBay and plenty of other sites sell used clothes, or allow people to sell them. It seems like a thing that would do well on Amazon Marketplace, but for now it's not allowed.

Maybe you tried to order one of these products on, and still haven't gotten it.  We may have found it in the video below.