Detroit, Michigan has produced thousands of notable people throughout history.

Where do we even begin with Detroit? So many famous people have come from this city. Michigan's largest city has produced actors and actresses, music icons, entrepreneurs, and many, many more. For this list though, we are just going to focus on 13 people that you didn't know were born in Detroit.

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Sure, when we think of Detroit we think of names like Eminem, Diana Ross, Kid Rock, Berry Gordy, and others like that. However, when you dive into it, the list of amazing people born in Detroit is huge. On this small list alone you will see an astronaut, several owners of massive companies, music stars, comedians, and even aviation pioneers.

Each time I do one of these lists, I become more and more proud of this amazing state we live in. These lists also make me want to travel throughout the state more. There are so many cool things to see, and more of them I didn't even know about until I researched the history of these cities.

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and the 27th most populated city in the nation. A major cultural center that has contributed in huge ways to the automotive industry, music, art, food, architecture, and so much more. It's known worldwide by a number of names including The Motor City, Hockeytown, Motown, The D, Detroit Rock City, the City of Champions, and more.

Check out the list below of notable people that you may not know were born in Detroit.

Source: Wikipedia

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