Huron County Sheriff’s Department received a call over the weekend from concerned citizens about a Cocker Spaniel wandering on the ice on Sand Point in Saginaw Bay. The dog was on unstable ice about 200 feet from shore. The dog appeared to be wandering in circles, not coming back to shore.

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Caseville firefighters arrived at the scene with ice rescue gear and were able to rescue the dog. One fireman suited up and retrieved the dog while being tethered to a colleague. A microchip allowed authorities to identify the dog’s owner. Thumb Animal Shelter posted information on the incident and a photo of Dolly on its Facebook page and within 90 minutes her owner contacted the shelter and arrived to pick her up. The owner was from Lapeer visiting relatives about a half mile from where Dolly was found.

Dolly is nearly 16 years old and has poor eyesight and hearing. She had apparently gotten out of the house without her owner noticing.

Source:, Thumb Animal Shelter

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