The 2014 Oscars were loooong. In fact, we can't be entirely sure that they're not still going on somewhere. So, you can't be blamed if you took a pee break, got up to get some snacks and/or dozed off and missed something. It's OK, we got your back. In case you missed anything, we have a full list of all the Oscar winners, plus this quick handy wrap-up of all the other fun moments you may have missed.

Jennifer Lawrence tried to steal Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Lupita Nyong'o dances with Pharrell Williams during the performance of his Oscar-nominated hit "Happy".

John Travolta introduces Idina Menzel and calls her...Adele Dazim?

Benedict Cumberbatch wins the 2014 Oscar for Best Red Carpet Photobomb.

Or, does he? Lupita Nyong'o has an amazing photobomb of her own.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence trips at the Oscars again, falling over an orange parking cone.

Darlene Love, one of the subjects of the Oscar-winning documentary '20 Feet From Stardom,' sings her acceptance speech. Bill Murray approves.

Speaking of Bill Murray, the man slips in a tribute to his late collaborator, Harold Ramis.

Yes, that really was an actual pizza delivery guy and, yes, they really did eat that pizza.

Setting up for the infamous Oscar selfie that crashed Twitter.

Don't feel bad, even the stars in attendance got bored! Amy Adams got busted texting during the ceremony.

We've got an EGOT! 'Let It Go' writer Robert Lopez became only the 12th person to win a competitive Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Director Steve McQueen refuses to actually clap for John Ridley, who wrote the '12 Years a Slave' script (the two reportedly feuded over the script's credit).